Most modern passenger and commercial diesel vehicle engines are equipped with a modern turbocharger which means there are currently billions of vehicles benefiting from better fuel economy and performance across the whole world.

Turbochargers – At the heart of the turbocharger is the hi-speed rotating impeller/shaft assembly driven from the exhaust gasses and used to force clean air back into the engine. A cast Inconel wheel is joined to a carbon steel shaft by Electron Beam Welding the two together. The electron beam is a finely focused stream of electrons which melts the metal surfaces together to provide an excellent weld quality baring the characteristics of deep penetration, narrow fusion zone (HAZ) and near parent metal strength. All welded inside a vacuum environment ensures a clean and pure process.

Parts are either machined with a spigot to make the joint self-locating or simply butted together before welding. Parts are welded in the finished or semi-finished condition. With correct alignment of the beam at the rotor/shaft joint, accurate and repeatable welds are possible with no associated cracking. The feature of CVE’s welding process with a butt joint configuration is that neither of the two parts is machined to provide positive and precise location prior to welding. The electron beam welder is equipped with CVE designed tooling which holds the rotor and shaft accurately and repeatably together during welding.