High Brightness EB

Outer diameter of this feature is 0.1mm

Nano-scale welding, melting, drilling and machining of metals and ceramics

Recent developments on our high brightness electron beam facility have reduced the focused spot size to allow fine-scale welding, melting, drilling and machining of metals and ceramics. Such processing is presently carried out by lasers, but the high brightness EB system has been developed to allow processing at dimensions below 10µm, and this has previously not been possible with lasers or electron beams. Real time viewing of the processing has been enabled through the development of an electron back-scattered imaging technique resolving features of 10µm in size. Applications for this new technology are in the medical devices field, semi-conductor industry and micro-fluidic devices.

Electron beam (EB) processing has evolved over the past 50 years enabling it now to be deployed in a wide range of applications. However, one range of power and intensity has not been exploited, and special equipment has been designed at TWI to allow melting, evaporation or sublimation at scales from 10 to 100µm. This equipment is termed high brightness electron beam and is a new variant of EB equipment, allowing material to be directly processed by the beam at smaller dimensions than previously realised.



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High Brightness (Nano welding)

High Brightness (Nano welding)

High Brightness nano-technology has been demonstrated on the surface of a pin head. 4 or more features of many different shapes can be processed using CVE's EB equipment due to it's high repeatability, stability and rapid speed deflection coils


Stability of the electron beam

Repeatable electron beam

Rapid beam deflection 

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